Associate's Degree

An associate's degree is usually a two-year degree awarded by community colleges, technical schools, and universities in the United States.

Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree is a four-year degree that provides students with general education, liberal arts, electives, and a specialization of their choice.

Post - Graduation

A graduate course is taken after completing an undergraduate degree. The types of graduate courses are divided into stricto sensu and lato sensu.

Master's Degree

A Master's degree is typically completed in two years. Highly specialized, a Master's degree offers an in-depth focus on a particular field of study.

Doctoral Degree

It is the highest academic and university degree that is awarded at the end of a course of study in most countries.

Post Doctoral

A postdoctoral fellowship is a study and research internship done by a doctoral degree holder at a university.

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